Turn to the
They say that life imitates art. In Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the
Sith, George Lucas tells how Anakin Skywalker turns from the loved
and respected Jedi Knight, to the feared and hated Darth Vader.

Until this episode, many thought that Anakin turned out of lust for
power. However, as we all saw in the Summer of 2005's blockbuster,
Anakin turned to the DarkSide in an effort to gain the power to save
his beloved Padme.
My turn to the DarkSide started on 26 Oct 86 when my beloved grandmother died suddenly. Her
death still burns painfully inside my heart. I had even plan on impaling certain family members
for their actions towards me, during my grandmother viewing. However, praise Lucifer they died
a painful death in 2006.

I admit, I still process a lot of anger and pain from the death of my grandmother. A second
after I was informed she died, I denounced and cursed God the Father.

This began a downward spiral, which I did not recover from until 22 Oct 99.
On that night, I met the woman who I thought was a gift from my
grandmother. Susan's birthday is 26 Oct 63. The same month and day of
my grandmother's death.

I have repeatedly said, the night I met Susan I was like a young
Anakin Skywalker, and because of her dark side hatred for me
for trying to help her, she turned me into Darth Vader.

It was my sincerest hope that Susan would return to treatment, and overcome her mental illness
and substance addictions. I still blame myself for not doing everything I could in 1989 to help one
of my former loves overcome her addictions, which resulted in her death in March 2001.

As a result of Susan's hatred towards me, as well as dealing with communists judges like Gary
"Adolf Hitler" Miller, Cale Bradford and others from IRAQIANA in my efforts to help her, I decided
to say to hell with Christianity and Christians. So, in October 2004 I gave Lucifer my soul, and fully
denounced Christianity. I rather spend eternity in Hell, than in Heaven with hypocrite Christians
like Susan and those from IRAQIANA.

To read about what Susan did to me, go to:
My Nightmare

Like Anakin, I fully turned to the DarkSide, as a result of trying to save the life of the woman
I loved. I must admit, Lucifer has been very good to me.  I do acknowledge that I have hurt
many people who love me, because I turned to the DarkSide of life and the Craft.

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon "The Impaler"
Photo from Lucas Films.