Impaling List
Like Vlad Tepes impaled the invading Muslim Turks in his day, I will follow his example of dealing with homeland enemies
along with criminals and IMPALE Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda (in pig skin), all foreign and domestic (KKK, COS, NOI)
terrorists, along with violent criminals.

The scales of justice have been tilted towards crime and criminals. Hence, to give justice the upper hand in defeating crime,
as well as restoring personal security to Americans, IMPALING will be the solution that will lower the progressive rate of crime
in this Nation.

Additionally, I will Impale my personal enemies. You read this correctly. I will brutally Impale those people who are my
enemies, for  what they have done to me. Just like Vlad did to his personal enemies, I will take personal revenge. This will
also allow me to develop new ways of not only Impaling terrorists and criminals, but use my personal revenge as a deterrent
to make terrorists and criminals re-think any ideas of attacking an American.

I will also use my
Presidential Death Dealers to carry out orders of execution, as well as bring to me those sentenced to be

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If I allow the people who have attacked me and violated my rights to go unpunished, I will look weak in the eyes of terrorists
and criminals. However, if I viciously punish them for the world to see, it will send a clear message to not only terrorists and
criminals, but to anyone who would consider attacking me and/or my loved ones (wife, children, family members and friends).

As a result of Vlad's use of IMPALING, these are some of the stories about Vlad;

                                                                                   THE GOLDEN CUP

Vlad was generally known as a fierce and honest leader. Vlad was said to have been so confident that no thief would dare
challenge him knowing they would be brutally killed that he placed a golden cup on display in the central square of
Tirgoviste. The cup was never stolen and remained where it was untouched throughout Vlad's reign.
(Like Vlad did, after my 50th day as President, I will have a drinking fountain placed outside the Capital. Visitors will used a
pure gold cup to drink from. I personally guarantee no one will steal that cup, for if someone does, I will brutally IMPALE them!)

                                                                THE STORY OF THE FOREIGN MERCHANT

A foreign merchant from Hungary visited the capital of Tirgoviste. Vlad ordered him to leave his wagon of gold in the street
overnight obviously to show off how his people would not steal. However the merchant was surprised to find 160 gold florins
missing in the morning. Vlad then told the merchant "Go now; and tonight you shall have your gold back". He put forward
orders for his men to find the thief in the city saying also that if the burglar was not found that he would personally throw one of
the hugest tantrums anyone had ever seen and destroy the city.

Vlad then put his own money in the wagon overnight adding one florin to the original sum.

The next morning the Merchant was astonished to find his florins returned with one extra. He went to Vlad and said of his
findings. Vlad had by then been brought the thief and had him impaled. He announced to the Merchant "walk in peace now;
but if you had not told me about that one florin, I would have had you impaled together with this thief!".

IMPALING works, and IMMEDIATELY after being sworn in as President, upon my return to The White House, I will begin IMPALING
criminals and terrorists.

This is my "WHITE LIST"of those whom I plan on IMPALING
upon becoming President in 2009.
(Please click on the underlined names below to see additional information, especially regarding BUSH)  
ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI (I do not care that the federal court sentenced him to life in prison. The money it will
cost to feed and house him can and will go to better use).

OSAMA BIN LADEN (If our troops capture him before I become President, then he will be the first one I IMPALE,
followed by Moussaoui).

KING GEORGE "WORTHLESS" BUSH (CAUTION! This picture of Bush is X-Rated. This is not something to open at
your work station or in church. BEWARE!!!!!) will be tried and then convicted for the needless and senseless
deaths of our servicewomen and men. I will preside over the trial and then IMPALE him for his negligent
homicides. While Bush is IMPALED, I vow to drink his

DICK CHANEY -  will be tried and convicted like King George, then IMPALED by me.

DONALD RUMSFELD - like Bush and Chaney, Rumsfeld will be tried and convicted, then IMPALED by me.

FIDEL CASTRO - Cuba's President is one of the worst terrorist known to the civilized world. I have a personal
vendetta against Castro. He best pray his God takes him, before I get my hands on him.

SHIRLY PHELPS ROPER - This bitch needs to be brutally tortured and IMPALED for her hateful
statements against Gays and Lesbians, as well as her disrespectful actions at the burials of
American heroes. What I will do to her, is to gory to post.

LOUIS FARRAKHAN - him and his Nation of Islam followers are the perfect example of the cancer
that is spreading fear and hatred in America. I will have my Death Dealers bring Farrakhan along
with his followers to me, then I will torture and IMPALE them for their terrorist actions upon
innocent Americans.

MIKE TYSON - I'll beat his ass in the ring, then IMPALE that rapist drug using BITCH!

O.J. Simpson - He may have avoided life in prison, but I will make him pay for his actions of
murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend.

My personal enemies whom I will IMPALED, will be announced later in 2007.  

On my first day as President, I will IMPALE 20 people (enemies of America, and my personal
enemies). On the morning of my second day, I will IMPALE the rest of my enemies. These are just
the first "terrorists" to face my IMPALING Stakes.

On my third day as President, my "Death Dealers" and I will go to IRAQIANA, and show the nation
what will happen to you if you violate another American's Constitutional Rights.

I will have my "Death Dealers" take every
Speedway Police Officer (the following day, I will do
the same thing to the Los Angeles Police Department) and right in front of their police station,
execute them. Then hang their bodies from street lights in Speedway. This should send a clear
message to not only criminals, but to corrupt law enforcement what will happen to you, if you
and/or your fellow officers abuse their power.

After dealing with the Speedway Police Department, my "Death Dealers" and I will go to the  
Marion County Prosecutor's Office, and bring out ALL of their prosecutors, place them against the
building wall, and just like the Speedway Police they will be executed. I will let their blood pour
down Ohio Street. It is my hope, that their executions will send a message to every prosecutor in
America, that if you abuse your power, and repeatedly violate an American's rights, you and/or
your fellow prosecutors will meet with the same fate. One American wrongly locked up in jail for
one day, is one American too many.

Then will come my favorite part (saving the best for last). My "Death Dealers" and I will walk into
the Marion County Superior Court House, and take every judge and commissioner, bringing
them outside the building, placing them against the walls. Just like with Speedway Police and the
Prosecutors, they will be executed. Their blood will pour for all the world to see. It is my hope, that
from their public executions, the Kangaroo Court system in America will end, and that all
Americans are given the proper justice our "Founding Father's" fought and died for.

If these public executions do not reverse the tide of abuse of law enforcement, prosecutors and
judges/commissioners, I guess I'll have to come up with a more Medieval way of protecting
innocent Americans, from this type of tyranny!

PLEASE NOTE: If any women who belong to a group scheduled to be executed are pregnant at
the time, they will NOT be executed!

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon "The Impaler"
                                                           "The time has come to IMPALE; Terrorism and Criminals"